About me

Get ready! In my childhood, I raced on the bike with a bunch of friends. I had the motocross track almost behind my house and all around me was the smell of burned petrol, metallic noise from engines. Since then, the world full of experiences had opened to me. I wanted to live that experiences and then even catch them. The desire to show others how far we can jump or how it hurts when it fails was inside me from the beginning.

Watch the gate! When I was studying secondary technical school, I earned some money in the engineering factory during holidays and bought the first camera. I spent all my free time with reading articles about photography and tried to catch some action moments. Of course, I shot a lot of blurred and fuzzy pictures in that time but that was the reason why I wanted to be better and better.

In 2016, I changed the summer in Czech Republic for the working summer in USA which absolutely transformed my attitude and I decided to put all in photography because that’s the matter of my heart.

Go! When I graduated in 2017 as a mechanical engineer I finally became a professional freelance photographer. It sounds a bit crazy but I think that the best what people can do is to follow their dreams and make their own way to happiness. I already broke through with my images to the medias and magazines, I have a generous support from the Phototools.cz company and I attend many world races and events as a MXGP, Moto GP, WRC, SGP and so on...

I joined the famous Czech motorsport photographer – Marian Chytka (MCH) and thanks to him I’m gonna go to my first Dakar ever. I expect that 2018 will be a breakthrough year and I can’t wait for the new challenges and experiences!

“I’m working as hard as I can because I want to live new and unforgettable emotions all around the world through the camera viewfinder”.