About me

Attention!I was born in a small village in the Czech Republic (10.7.1992) and when I was a young boy I played with bunch of friends at the local motocross track right behind my house all the time. I smelled the fumes of burned gas since my youth and around the same time we built our first single track in the woods for our bikes. A world full of adrenaline and experience had opened to me. The desire to show off in front of other people, do insane tricks, and to see who could jump the highest has been inside me from the very beginning.

Get set!As a student around the year 2007 I earned some money in factory and I bought my first camera. I spent all my free time with reading articles about photography and of course, I took a lot of blurred and fuzzy pictures in that time. In the summer of 2016 went to the USA for a work holiday. This absolutely transformed my attitude and I decided to put all my effort in photography. When I graduated in 2017 (as a mechanical engineer) I finally became a professional freelance photographer and my dream came true. It sounds little bit crazy but the best what people can do is to follow their dream and make their own life defying standard conventional norms. It is not a job it is a lifestyle.

Go!Since 2018 started cooperating with the famous MCH Photo and I have gained the experience with photography in more than 15 countries around the world. Nowadays, I am present at a lot of races and events such as a Dakar Rally, MXGP, Moto GP, WRC, WRX and I have experience with advertising photo shoots as well. I also do my own projects.

“I’m working as hard as I can because I want to live new and unforgettable emotions all around the world through the camera viewfinder”.

Jiří Šimeček