About me

Hi!My name is Jiri Simecek and I am sport and lifestyle photographer based in Czechia. I’ve traveled to more than 20 countries to take the photos of many events and I do mostly motorsport stuff (not only). I’ve joined MCH Photo company back in 2017 so I’m taking pictures for very top teams in Rally Raid, Dakar, WRX, 24h Le Mans, WRC, Moto GP etc. I did my first personal projects for Red Bull in 2020 with global success and thanks to this I could join Red Bull worldwide database of photographers. I am used to work on reportage same as I enjoy precise lifestyle and advertising shots with advanced lighting.

When I don’t have my cameras with me I love to ride my enduro MTB on local trails which I build with my friends. Then I love good coffee, philosophy, cold water swimming, sauna and freedom…

“I’m working as hard as I can because I want to live new and unforgettable emotions all around the world through the camera viewfinder.”

Jiří Šimeček